Woodville is located in Wilkinson County Mississippi, in Southwest corner of Mississippi about 125 miles southwest of Jackson. Wilkinson County was formed in 1802 and Woodville was chartered in 1811. Wilkinson County covers an area of 439,318 acres and is bordered on the west by the Mississippi River. Woodville is the County seat.

According to the 2010 Census, 9,878 people live in Wilkinson County, MS. This is a decrease of 434 from the 2000 census count of 10,312.

The 1988 value of agriculture in the county amounted to $24,359,000.00. In descending order, the value of the county's agricultural commodities were: forestry, cattle and calves, soybeans, vegetables, corn, wheat, hogs and grain sorghum. Land use among the 439,318 acres in the county is listed from largest to the smallest: forest, pasture, water and wetlands, cropland, transportation and urban areas.

Wilkinson County has a rich, and colorful history. Some interesting historical sites to visit are Jefferson Davis' boyhood home on Highway 24 east. The Pond Store and Clark Creek Natural Area near Fort Adams, Historical Old Fort Adams itself, the oldest railroad building in the state. Which is the home of Wilkinson County Museum and operated by the Woodville Civic Club, the oldest newspaper, The Woodville Republican , and many historical old homes located over the county.

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