Victoria Martin
Victoria Martin married into the martin family, she married Bill the oldest son of William (Hoodlum) and Narcissus (Sissy) Martin. She resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and builds her life around her church, home, ministry (taking care of infants in her home), family and flowers. Victoria was affectionately called Mary by her husband Bill, and is called that by most of the family.

She bears some of the marks of that virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.The heart of her husband did safely trust in her, and she did him good and not evil all the days of his life. Her nine children has been raised up by her and their father and they call her blessed and praises her. The sisters in laws, brothers in laws, nieces, nephews, cousins, other in laws, and her grandchildren all join in praises for what she has brought into the family.

Coming into the family with girded loins and strengthen arms she has truly been a blessing to our family. We now salute her for all her alms and good works to keep our family going strong. At age eighty-two she is still going in her strength that she boasts on coming from the Lord. Her favorite passage in the bible passage is Philippians 4:8. With that strength she takes care of her own house and works of keeping it going.

She takes care of at least five infants in her home while their parents work, on a daily schedule five days a week. If you visit her on any given week day you may find her busily about her daily routine which starts out at 5:00 .A.M by making her famous and delicious biscuits, or you may find her cooking a full course meal as if all the family is still home. Her reasons for doing that is for children and grandchildren who stops daily and expects to find pots on the stove, or something in the refrigerator.

Apart from finding her doing the just mentioned you may even find her baking cakes for those that cannot seem to live without her delicious homemade cakes, around holidays she enjoy the sale of those cakes.There is more to this very vibrant eighty-two year old steady on her feet woman of virtue. She works in her yard and keep it beautiful with flowers and pot plants, and yes makes a small garden spot in her back yard.

I must warn you it may be hard to find her at home on Sundays that day is dedicated to the Lord and his house, and visiting any sick and shut in that she knows. She can be found at the Greater King David Church seated very graciously in the deaconess corner all adorned in white as the mother of the church. Victoria waits to share more at our family reunion and to have you enjoy some of her delicious cakes.