Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller takes the place of her mother as matriarch of the family. She has a long history of service to the family in many ways. Her alms giving to help family in times of crisis or need has been a blessing to our family. She has not lived on the ranch since her childhood but still it's home in a sense to her. Her visits home down through the years were always a delight.

The family would always happily anticipate her visits. Especially when her husband Earnest was still in military service and they came for a visit with their children. During one of those visits they had been stationed in Hawaii and she and her daughter Lorraine wore grass skirts and did the hula dance for us. Whenever she came for a visit her concern was the ranch and its upkeep. Her hand-made quilts has graced the bed of many a new born in the family.

Sarah now makes her home in Rochester,New York with her husband. Her children, Lorriane, Ernie and Bob, also reside in the Northeast. She has traveled extensively as a military wife.

Her sweet and caring spirit caused her to work in a hospital in the ward for special needs patients. The life she lives now is one of satisfaction as she enjoys her family, friends, neighbors, going to church and knowing that throughout her life she has given it her best to stay connected as family. She has retired from her job but still feel the need to work to do what she can for family. Like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 her price in our family is far above rubies. Strength and honor is part of her character for our family see in her both.

The family praises her for efforts in trying to keep the wishes of her mother for the ranch close at heart as she has done her part and did it well to help our family stay connected as family. We thank her for all her efforts down through the years to make it all about family.