Rosalie Matthews
Rosalie stands out in our family not so much physically as spiritually. The first time she was seen by some of our family members was at our first family reunion in the 1990's. It didn't take any of us long to know that she was truly the daughter of Ezekiel Webb and the sister of Narcisus,Mamie, Rosa Lee, Carrie, Blayton and Ray. How precious and perfectely she blended in with the rest of her family. What a joy and spirit of acceptance her presence bought to the celebration. She really have worked to "Stay Connected As Family" we love her and honour her as one of our oldest family members After contacting her by phone I got the feeling that she carries the same virbant spirit as when I first met her.

A few minutes into our conversation I knew my feelings were right. This eighty-six year old senior who still lives alone, still drives and carries a valid drivers license for a few years to come.convinced me that it was a blessing to her to to be alive at eighty-six. She spoke of some of those blessings as being that she enjoys the just mentioned and being a part of and enjoying the services that is offered to seniors by the Senior Services in Mt. Healthy, Ohio where she lives very comfortable in her own home."Fellowship is a big part of life" she says "It balances out life" what words of wisdom she passes on to our family. Because of that she is very active in her church and drives to services each Sunday as weather permits. The reason she is still so active she believes is because of her riding her excerise bike every day except Sundays for thirty minutes, and those good genes from her father who lived to be ninety-seven and did not use a cane, but most of all that God has favored her for the life she so much enjoy. She constantly voices that she may give out but she will not give up.The showering of love and attention that she receives from her family of five children and grandchildren is a joy in her life. These retirement years has been enjoyed just as much as she enjoyed her work at the University of Ohio where she retired from. If she could sum it all up and her journey through life thus far she would use her favorite Bible scriptures which is the twenty- third Psalms.

We can see that the Lord has truly been her Shephard, the one that has carried her thus far. What a blessing it would be to have her presence at our reunion, therefore we will pray that the Lord will bless us with her presence and the presence of her family in Ohio as well.