Otis Flemming

Otis affectionately called “Lil Otis” by his family is third generation living on the ranch. Enjoying the ranch is nothing new to him for as a child he enjoyed trips with his Dad and Brother Carlos to go hunting. He now lives in a trailer on the very spot that his mother grew up on. His grandmother is real proud to know that he choose to leave New Orleans and move to the ranch and call it home.

Because of his living on the ranch and his efforts we now have a well that gives good water from an extremely pure source that he had dug. Whereas others rely on water from the local water company he can enjoy water from a pure source beneath the soils of the ranch. He spends time between New Orleans and his home on the ranch.

Otis is a very quiet person with a heart to help and share which makes it easy for him to help us all to stay connected as family. We appreciate him and all he has done to make the ranch a place that even those that are away from Home can come and feel at home. We look forward to drinking from his well during the reunion.