Bobby Burton

Darrell and his wife Lorina enjoys living on the ranch and feels good to call it home. They are part of Darrell's grandmother dreams that one day we all would leave the city and live on the ranch.. They moved from New Orleans about eight years ago to live on the ranch. They really were happy that they had made their move before Katrina and really felt the reasons for why his grandmother felt the way she did.

Darrell works hard as any man would to make his home and its surroundings beautiful. His relationship with his cousins David, Alan, and Bobby is one of “what ever we can do cuz lets make this place look good it is where we call home”.

These cousins show forth the true spirit of staying connected as family, and making it all about family. His love for horses is a blessing to many. We don't have cattle any more but Darrell's horses sure look good on the ranch. We hope to enjoy some horseback riding for the reunion. The family salute Darrell and all he brings to our family with his wiliness to help out in keeping up the ranch and making it all about family.