Faint not dear heart, I Am by your side. I have not left you alone in your struggle. No, I Am right by your side, never have I been closer, never have I loved you more.

You and your family are precious to Me, I have chosen you for My holy purposes. I have a special plan just for you. I know at times you feel overwhelmed and crushed by heavy sorrows, but do not lose hope precious one. I Am still in control and see the end from the beginning and have purposes of love untold for you and your loved ones. What I do now you do not understand, but you shall know hereafter. I know My thoughts toward you are good not evil, to give you a future and a hope. You shall see the goodness of your Lord in the land of the living!

I called you and chose you from your mother's womb. You are more precious to me than the finest gold. I love you even beyond your power to know. So do not fear, you are the hollow of my Sovereign Hand. I am a wise husbandman and all I do, I do in deep abiding love. Remember, My ways are perfect. You must have absolute confidence in My love of you and your family. Know of a surety that I work all things to the good of My chosen, who are called according to My holy purposes - those who love me as you do. Know that nothing can touch, lest I allow it; there are no second causes: You are all wrapped in My perfect plan and purposes now and for eternity. Lay down in my embrace and rest in Me. My presence stands round about you and yours. Stay ever so close to me and I will amaze you and others with My keeping power. I will be your strength and peace day by day. I will enlarge your heart filling you with a love and compassion you could gain no other way. I shall walk with you through this valley and bring you into a large place. You shall say with the Psalmist, "We went through fire and water, but Thou O lord brought us into a wealthy place." Let patience have her perfect work in this hard place and know that I Am working on your behalf. Your times are in My hand and remember my ways are perfect. You have given Me your lives and I have received them as a sacred trust. In quietness and rest is your strength.

I Am your refuge and strength, your ever present help in trouble I will bear you up and carry your burden. Remember, when you pass through the waters I shall be with you; and through the river, it shall not overflow thee; and when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. So fear not, I Am in control; I Am concerned for each member of your family. I Am Lord over all and I will do all that you require.

No matter how things appear, know that I Am working all things to your good for My glory, honor and praise. You are truly my beloved.

Submitted by Sarah Miller